Is There a Future for Pain Relief Alternatives?

This has always been a controversial topic, and one that isn’t often brought up in government because of how much power the lobbyist have over what goes down. I however believe alternative options to typical pain medication should be promoted equally to pharma products.

Take for example arthritis. The doctor will always be ready to prescribe some medication in the form of a pill, but what if the patient doesn’t want to take some drug that is addictive, just to get some temporary pain relief. There are all types of ideas of how to solve minor to major pain relief but the doctors don’t want to promote them because they get paid more to promote the pharma pills. One alternative is even to simply listen to an mp3 that helps with arthritis relief. I know it sounds crazy, but it apparently harnesses the power of subliminal messaging to basically get your body to help itself – if that makes sense.

Anyway, all I’m trying to get across is that you don’t want to be fulled by the doctor to take pharmaceuticals when there are other options out there.