Ever Thought About Matched Betting Software?

If you’ve stumbled across this post then you’re probably already familiar with the idea or strategy of matched betting.

What I want to briefly touch on is how to be efficient with your betting. The truth is, it’s really easy to get stuck in ruts in matched betting if you aren’t being productive with your work.

We’ve all been there; searching constantly for offers and trying to make the most of them. Then you’re off looking for bookie odds and waiting for lay odds to finally change in your favor. As the day is ending your calculate your earnings for the day…a meager £5.27. All that is left is you sitting in your chair wondering what you’re doing with your life.

At the end of the day, matched betting is all about volume — the more matched bets you make, the bigger your bankroll gets. To be profitable you need to be making at least 5 bets a day.

The problem with this is that research will take up most of your time, and this is where computer software comes to save the day.

So what does this software do anyway?

To sum it up nicely: it saves you time, and time equals money.

Programs like Oddsmonkey will crawl bookmarkers and betting exchange sites to compare all odds, and these crawls are happening a couple times a minute. You can find a full Oddsmonkey review 2017 on another site, while we stick to the advantages of such software.

First off, you will be wanting to monitor arbitrage opportunities. Using some software, you won’t have to manually search for high return bets. This is key because often times arbs will vanish quickly due to bookies adjusting their lines.

Next is finding matched bets with bonus offers. When it comes to figuring out different bonuses like sign0ups, daily reloads, and conditional bonuses, nothing will do the trick better than software.

There are a ton more reasons to using an automatcher program, but it comes down to what kind of betting you like to do. Overall, software will drastically change your workflow from day to day, giving you the chance to make more bets and ultimately make more profit.