Did Legion Save WoW?

The chatter about Blizzard’s declining subscription count to their epic game World of Warcraft has been going on for many years now, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The latest expansion of the game, Legion, was one of Blizzard’s last attempt to restore their lost fan-base. Did it live up to it’s expectations, or did it further add to the problems that they are facing?

In preparation for Legion, Blizzard announced all sorts of features that were promised to please what veterans had been asking for. Below we will cover the core of these changes:

  • PvP Abilities – For years, the balance of PvP in WoW has been the heart of the problems for many years. Until Legion, pretty much all abilities were usable, no matter where you were. Now there is a better balance of abilities that are available to your character when in player on player combat. This lead Blizzard to create a PvP-only talent tree, that only applies when in PvP combat. The aspect of grinding out gear via the honor and conquest system has also been replaced with honor ranks, that give you a way to unlock these PvP talents.
  • Legendary Items – In past expansions, the introduction of legendary items typically meant that only select classes will be able to use it. This got more fair over recent expansions by using items that everyone can equip like rings and cloaks, but this caused characters to become even more homogeneous instead of being unique and different. In Legion, each class gets their own legendary weapons, varying from spec to spec, which then gets powered up.
  • Class Order Halls – Similar to how garrisons worked in the Draenor expansion, players have a city that they can help build up, and share with other players of the same class. Class Orders also changed the follower system by lowering the number of them, but increasing the players ability to customize them. Don’t worry though, the missions are still similar, so you are still able to farm some gold with your followers so that you aren’t forced to buy wow gold ideal just to keep up with everyone else.

At the end of the day, it just doesn’t seem like Blizzard put in enough effort to really win back their lost player base, but at the same time, is it actually possible at all? Even if the game was reverted back to the way it originally was, there would still be a large chunk of players that would be alienated. So far the jury is still out on whether or not Legion has been a success, but it seems like the direction that Blizzard will take from here on will hinge on the success or failure of Legion.