China Introduces the LCD Armrest Monitor DVD Player

Try to look for popular Chinese and Japanese technology sites whenever in the need to find out about the latest inventions being made. Both of those countries are also in the forefront when it comes to creating the latest technology. China is known for creating some of the most wild inventions many of us never thought was possible. The latest example of this is the creation of the LCD Armrest Monitor with Built in DVD Player that was created by Chinese engineers a couple of months ago. Then right after that they hit us with the new ultrawide monitors.
It was on Wednesday that the company decided to show off the LCD Armrest Monitor invention to the Chinese public. The main purpose of this device is for those who wake up and fall asleep in front of their computer monitors. I know I have done this and am sure many of you have done this as well. Engineers have put together a 7 inch monitor that comes equipped with a resting area built in. There is also a DVD player and speaker set up that was also tied into the device.

Imagine having to take part in some of those long distance vacation or business trips. You will no longer have to worry about waking up in an uncomfortable manner after falling asleep in front of the monitor. The arm rests will save this from happening to you. Plus, the device comes equipped with adjustable distance for all armrest related seats around the world. You would think this would be all, but it defiantly is not it.

In addition to the rather awesome built in DVD setup and LCD viewing screen, you also have access to FM radio. This is done by having an FM audio output built into the device. You will also find that there is a built in speaker that comes with a fully equipped remote control function as well. Finally, you will also be happy to know that the device can also play CD, MP3, and DIVX formats.

It appears that Chinese engineers have done it once again. They have managed to create a gadget that is both simple and cool. The built in arm rest concept is something that has been long in the making. There has been a large need for something like this to be made for several years, especially with the growing media technologies that are being developed on a constant basis. Look for the item to hit the United States market sometime next year.