Amazing Places to Visit

With traveling being a multi-billion dollar industry every year, it’s no wonder that there is lots of money being spent on promotions to advertise certain cities or countries. Tourism is a major part of many economies all over the world, and it takes money to make money. If these governments don’t spend to make their areas nice and attractive to travelers, then they are missing out on a key chunk of change that the local economy so dearly needs.

That being said, it’s quite strange how some of the most magnificent places in the world seem so under-represented. Take for instance, the Vellore Golden Temple. This area is basically going to be one of the greatest wonders of the world. Just the shear size of the temple is enough to cause you to be in awe, let alone the fact that it’s all gold – real gold. It’s by far the largest of it’s kind, and truly a sight to behold. Even the area surrounding the temple is quite pleasing. It’s amazing to be living in a busy city, and the juxtaposition of being there, almost disconnected from the modern western world.