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bob & sheri

SkyShow 2004
Check out the sights and sounds from Charlotte's BEST 4th of July celebration! learn more...

107 Days of Summer
Want to win a brand new 2005 Dodge Magnum? Check out when and where you can find the LINK street team. We'll be out all summer long celebrating the 107 Days of Summer! learn more...

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Join 107.9 The LINK on August 1st for National Kids Day out at Concord Mills. It will be a day full of fun and entertainment that every kid will enjoy. learn more...

"Gimme The Mike!" Charlotte
A new, local singing showcase called "Gimme The Mike! Charlotte", judged by Matt and Ramona--final episode Wednesday, July 27th at 8pm on WSOC-TV. learn more...

Wet 'N Wild Wednesdays
107.9 The LINK wants to help you spend your summer in the sun... learn more...

Lowest Gas Prices
Want to know the cheapest places in Charlotte to buy gas? Check out our "Lowest Gas Prices" guide... updated continuously! learn more...

bob & sheri
Sheri Lynch's Brand New Book
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Straight Eye For the Gay Guy!
Advice from Lamar for gay guys who need to act straight! enter to win...

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Angels in Camouflage
Angels in Camouflage is an "adopt-a-veteran" organization, supporting our military, past, present and future. learn more...

The Way We Were
See photos of Pam, Anthony and Arroe "The Way We Were"! learn more...

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Matt and Ramona Welcome Counselor Mandy to the show!
You voted, we listened! Counselor Mandy joins the Matt and Ramona Show for bi-monthly appearances. learn more...

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Latest Posts

Ever Thought About Matched Betting Software?

If you’ve stumbled across this post then you’re probably already familiar with the idea or strategy of matched betting.

What I want to briefly touch on is how to be efficient with your betting. The truth is, it’s really easy to get stuck in ruts in matched betting if you aren’t being productive with your work.

We’ve all been there; searching constantly for offers and trying to make the most of them. Then you’re off looking for bookie odds and waiting for lay odds to finally change in your favor. As the day is ending your calculate your earnings for the day…a meager ¬£5.27. All that is left is you sitting in your chair wondering what you’re doing with your life.

At the end of the day, matched betting is all about volume — the more matched bets you make, the bigger your bankroll gets. To be profitable you need to be making at least 5 bets a day.

The problem with this is that research will take up most of your time, and this is where computer software comes to save the day.

So what does this software do anyway?

To sum it up nicely: it saves you time, and time equals money.

Programs like Oddsmonkey will crawl bookmarkers and betting exchange sites to compare all odds, and these crawls are happening a couple times a minute. You can find a full Oddsmonkey review 2017 on another site, while we stick to the advantages of such software.

First off, you will be wanting to monitor arbitrage opportunities. Using some software, you won’t have to manually search for high return bets. This is key because often times arbs will vanish quickly due to bookies adjusting their lines.

Next is finding matched bets with bonus offers. When it comes to figuring out different bonuses like sign0ups, daily reloads, and conditional bonuses, nothing will do the trick better than software.

There are a ton more reasons to using an automatcher program, but it comes down to what kind of betting you like to do. Overall, software will drastically change your workflow from day to day, giving you the chance to make more bets and ultimately make more profit.

Pokemon TCG: Is it for You?

Many of us as children were introduced to the world of Trading Card Games or TCGs by a little electric rodent by the name of Pikachu. In the mid to late 90’s Pokemon, the popular Japanese anime and card game crossed the Pacific Ocean and landed in America, and has remained part of the culture ever since. Pokemon was a great game back in the day but how does it compare to the current TCG’s on the market? Before you get started with this game ask these questions, Is Pokemon easy to play? Does it have a re-sale value? How popular is the game today, and what kind of support does the game have as far as local events and prize support? And what level of play you’re looking for in a TCG general, local or pro?
Pokemon is the TCG that really started the market, as far as for your basic and average players. One great thing that motivates this game is the fact that it has an anime base. This helps to promote the game without advertising, and children love to use their favorite cards in accordance with the characters on the show. So this will add to overall draw of the game in general.

Is it easy to play? – Yes very simple indeed. Pokemon was designed as a children’s game, and therefore it’s extremely simple to learn and play. Many children and their parents play this game together, so it’s great that the game is easy to pick up in only about five minuets or so.

Does it have re-sale value? It can I suppose, but Pokemon is past its prime in terms of monetary value. At its peak everyone wanted a Charizard, and you could get one for about 50-70 bucks, sometimes even more, but now we see the prices of individual cards drop. Although this is great for the player, just not the collector.

Is it popular? Not like it was in the mid to late 90’s. Pokemon has lost some of its luster as far as the older crowds go, it’s mainly seen as a children’s game, because that’s what it really is. Parents will have fun playing with their children and the game teaches strategy and deep thought process (again for children). So among the teen to adult crowd you may see a few players, but the popularity lies with the true Pokemon fans, children.

What kind of support does the game feature? That is a bit unclear at the moment. Right now Pokemon is a recreational game so the tournament scene is dead for the most part. When the game was licensed to Wizards of the Coast the prize support and so on rivaled bigger games like Magic but that is no longer the case since Wizards lost the license for the game.

What level of play is the game? Purely recreational, and on the occasion you can find local events. There are larger pro circuit events available but they are very sparse. Again, Pokemon is not the massively competitive TCG it once was. You will find many people in your area that play and participate with the game, but not at a pro level. The TCG pros have moved to more competitive based games like Magic and The Spoils, and Pokemon is now just a friendly game. You will find however that the company that produces Pokemon will host league events where you can go and participate against other players in a friendly atmosphere and earn badges like the characters from the show.

Overall Pokemon is what it has always been, a children’s card game, but this has been changing with ways to play it on the PC like Pokemon Soul Silver ROM and other ROMs. The mechanics of the game are simple and easy to learn, and most all players are very friendly. As far as a competitive edge that is lost with this game, well what happened was children were introduced to the TCG world through Pokemon, and once they outgrew this simple game moved on to more complex and challenging games. Pokemon is always expanding, and coming out with new ways to surprise us, and many old players still have their cards and refuse to get rid of them. Why? Because Pokemon as a TCG holds a certain nostalgia that we can’t let go of, even as we get older. Children will always enjoy this game, and that is how it should be. Kids having fin and playing with others in a friendly environment, for not a whole lot if cash involved. Pokemon is a great game aimed at children, so therefore I recommend this game to children and their parents.

China Introduces the LCD Armrest Monitor DVD Player

Try to look for popular Chinese and Japanese technology sites whenever in the need to find out about the latest inventions being made. Both of those countries are also in the forefront when it comes to creating the latest technology. China is known for creating some of the most wild inventions many of us never thought was possible. The latest example of this is the creation of the LCD Armrest Monitor with Built in DVD Player that was created by Chinese engineers a couple of months ago. Then right after that they hit us with the new ultrawide monitors.
It was on Wednesday that the company decided to show off the LCD Armrest Monitor invention to the Chinese public. The main purpose of this device is for those who wake up and fall asleep in front of their computer monitors. I know I have done this and am sure many of you have done this as well. Engineers have put together a 7 inch monitor that comes equipped with a resting area built in. There is also a DVD player and speaker set up that was also tied into the device.

Imagine having to take part in some of those long distance vacation or business trips. You will no longer have to worry about waking up in an uncomfortable manner after falling asleep in front of the monitor. The arm rests will save this from happening to you. Plus, the device comes equipped with adjustable distance for all armrest related seats around the world. You would think this would be all, but it defiantly is not it.

In addition to the rather awesome built in DVD setup and LCD viewing screen, you also have access to FM radio. This is done by having an FM audio output built into the device. You will also find that there is a built in speaker that comes with a fully equipped remote control function as well. Finally, you will also be happy to know that the device can also play CD, MP3, and DIVX formats.

It appears that Chinese engineers have done it once again. They have managed to create a gadget that is both simple and cool. The built in arm rest concept is something that has been long in the making. There has been a large need for something like this to be made for several years, especially with the growing media technologies that are being developed on a constant basis. Look for the item to hit the United States market sometime next year.



Did Legion Save WoW?

The chatter about Blizzard’s declining subscription count to their epic game World of Warcraft has been going on for many years now, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The latest expansion of the game, Legion, was one of Blizzard’s last attempt to restore their lost fan-base. Did it live up to it’s expectations, or did it further add to the problems that they are facing?

In preparation for Legion, Blizzard announced all sorts of features that were promised to please what veterans had been asking for. Below we will cover the core of these changes:

  • PvP Abilities – For years, the balance of PvP in WoW has been the heart of the problems for many years. Until Legion, pretty much all abilities were usable, no matter where you were. Now there is a better balance of abilities that are available to your character when in player on player combat. This lead Blizzard to create a PvP-only talent tree, that only applies when in PvP combat. The aspect of grinding out gear via the honor and conquest system has also been replaced with honor ranks, that give you a way to unlock these PvP talents.
  • Legendary Items – In past expansions, the introduction of legendary items typically meant that only select classes will be able to use it. This got more fair over recent expansions by using items that everyone can equip like rings and cloaks, but this caused characters to become even more homogeneous instead of being unique and different. In Legion, each class gets their own legendary weapons, varying from spec to spec, which then gets powered up.
  • Class Order Halls – Similar to how garrisons worked in the Draenor expansion, players have a city that they can help build up, and share with other players of the same class. Class Orders also changed the follower system by lowering the number of them, but increasing the players ability to customize them. Don’t worry though, the missions are still similar, so you are still able to farm some gold with your followers so that you aren’t forced to buy wow gold ideal just to keep up with everyone else.

At the end of the day, it just doesn’t seem like Blizzard put in enough effort to really win back their lost player base, but at the same time, is it actually possible at all? Even if the game was reverted back to the way it originally was, there would still be a large chunk of players that would be alienated. So far the jury is still out on whether or not Legion has been a success, but it seems like the direction that Blizzard will take from here on will hinge on the success or failure of Legion.

Choosing the Perfect Air Compressor for Your Home Shop

In this day and age it’s becoming increasingly popular to have a work shop at home with various tools that would help with fixing things around the house, or even just for hobby. With new technology coming out and pricing going down for older models, it’s no wonder this trend is happening.

One tool in particular has dropped drastically recently is air compressor machines. The reason air compressors are worth mentioning is because they be useful for a variety of situations. If you ever have a project or something you’d like to fix that would require a nail gun, nothing would work better for extended periods like an air compressor. Same thing goes for painting, with a compressor you can easily spray paint large items and save yourself lots of time and labor. Interested in doing some repairs on your car from home? There are many areas of the car that make it impossible to undo bolts with conventional tools, that’s when an air compressor paired with an air ratchet tool would come to the rescue.

As you can tell, you are really only limited by your creativity when it comes to utilizing an air compressor. It’s the perfect addition to a work shop at home or any shop in general. The versatility of it crosses many different purposes and it’s low price make it a great investment. You can find the perfect one for you by simply searching Google for air compressor reviews and selecting a purchasing guide like this one http://airtoolresource.com/best-air-compressor-reviews. It’s important to keep in mind that not all air compressors are created equal, and you will need to find one that suits how much use you are looking to get out of it, as well as how much space you have to spare and whether or not you need it to be portable at all.

Is it Time for You to Get New Knives?

Think of all the utensils that you have in your kitchen. Now think about how long it’s been since you’ve replaced most of them. You probably get a new set of forks, spoons, and butter knives every couple holiday seasons – but what about your knives. Many households use the same knives for years on end without even thinking about replacing them or sharpening them. For the vast majority, they don’t even notice how dull and useless their current knives are because they are so used to it from using the same ones over the years.

What I suggest to everyone out there is – get yourself a new set of knives. Maybe even spend a little bit more than you typically would, because in this day and age, you really do get what you paid for. It’s time to stop buying the cheap china set from Walmart, and step up to something a bit more artisan. I’m not saying you have to order some special hand-forged work of art from overseas, but maybe indulge in a nice set that is still convenient to purchase.

I personally suggest buying a set of ceramic knives. I say set because if you get just one, you will end up wanting more of them so you might as well just get them all at the same time. The best part is, you can just simply search Google for something like Best Ceramic Knives and there are already guides out there to help you pick the set that best matches your needs, like by prices, or by the reviews that the knives receive.

I myself choose to go with the Rihachan ceramic knife set. As soon as you pick one of them up you can immediately tell the difference from a typical steel blade knife. Ceramic is much lighter which is great for someone that has to wield a knife for long periods of time doing lots of chopping and dicing work in the kitchen for prep.

Is There a Future for Pain Relief Alternatives?

This has always been a controversial topic, and one that isn’t often brought up in government because of how much power the lobbyist have over what goes down. I however believe alternative options to typical pain medication should be promoted equally to pharma products.

Take for example arthritis. The doctor will always be ready to prescribe some medication in the form of a pill, but what if the patient doesn’t want to take some drug that is addictive, just to get some temporary pain relief. There are all types of ideas of how to solve minor to major pain relief but the doctors don’t want to promote them because they get paid more to promote the pharma pills. One alternative is even to simply listen to an mp3 that helps with arthritis relief. I know it sounds crazy, but it apparently harnesses the power of subliminal messaging to basically get your body to help itself – if that makes sense.

Anyway, all I’m trying to get across is that you don’t want to be fulled by the doctor to take pharmaceuticals when there are other options out there.

Getting Back Online

As you probably noticed, our website recently had some downtime as we were moving website providers. It took longer than expected to figure out how to transfer our system since it was so old, but the wonderful staff at Namecheap really gave us a helping hand. They even helped us out by letting us know that was a Namecheap promo that we could use to save on the migration cost.

Anyway, we apologize for being away for longer than expected but we’re glad to be back and we hope to be back soon with more news and updates.